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Sunday, March 20 2005

[nioTo.Browser] release 0.2.1
06:08:38 PM by nioto
The release 0.2 doesn't take care of firefox ( still seen as mozilla ).

This release correct that, and firefox is fully recognized.

The minor version is full, until now, I cut it on the first 2 characters ( don't remember why !!!)

downloadable @ http://nioto.org/browser/dist.
Saturday, March 19 2005

[nioTo.Browser] release 0.2
06:52:39 PM by nioto
Just release the version 0.2, add support for firefox and other few browsers.

downloadable @ http://nioto.org/browser/dist.

Moved all source codes to SourceForge on JXLA repository.
Sunday, January 25 2004

[nioTo.Browser] updates
06:20:16 PM by nioto
CVS updated, release coming soon

-> added support for firebird browsers
-> added amiga as Operting system and amiga related browsers
-> cleaning some code