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Wednesday, September 29 2004

[jxla] the end/la fin
07:51:40 PM by nioto
I'm asking myself if I want to continue JXLA, or write a less specific log parser, which will be able to parse any one-line log file ( like syslog, web serber log -of course-, debug output, etc.).

Je me demande si je vais continuer JXLA, ou écrire un parseur de log moins spécifique, qui pourra parser différents fichiers de log ( comme syslog, les log web -bien sur-, les log de debug , etc. ).

Comments ?
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Friday, March 26 2004

[jxla] good news
09:57:59 AM by nioto
Reading headlines of FreshMeat, I saw WebalizerXML.
Well, it's just a patch for Webalizer to output XML reports,
but this is very interesting : more and more people are looking for such tools.
Wednesday, February 11 2004

[jxla] Peut-on faire confiance aux référants ?
01:05:42 AM by nioto
Une nouvelle sorte de "spam" a fait son apparition depuis un moment, "referer logs spam".

Certains petits sites ont trouvé dans le TOP 10 de leur référant, des sites pour adultes. Marrant? pas vraiment, non .

Celà arrive aux personnes qui utilisent webalizer et qui ne pense pas à protéger le répertoire des rapports de stats.
Sunday, January 25 2004

[jxla] updates
06:27:17 PM by nioto
CVS updated, release coming soon

-> java IP Locator to output country of visitor
-> nioto.Browser to get a more sophisticated information about User-Agents
-> Now searchengine can have multiple parameter to retrieve keywords ( usefull
for search engine like google or yahoo which have normal search
and advanced search , but don't use the same parameter name )
Friday, January 23 2004

[jxla] new search engines
09:07:20 PM by nioto
Like other http log parsers, JXLA can retrieve the keywords from different search engines
( Google, Yahoo, Dir.com, ...) by parsing referers.
Today, I looked at Vivisimo -a new search engine-,
different from the others by its 'clustering' technology. I want to add it on JXLA config file,
but I notice that, if you use clustering functions, the referer can be something like http://search7.vivisimo.com/search?v:file=viv_b964bfbbecc4465f193156c0108a41f0&v:frame=list&v:state=(root)%7Croot and not including the search keywords :-(
It's a good or a bad thing ? I can tell you. But marketing departements will not be happy :-)