nioto.Browser v 0.2 (March 19 2005)
nioTo.Browser v 0.1 (July 07 2003)
tonio AT nioto DOT org
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  • What' s that ?
  •   nioTo.Browser is a java library to parse User-Agent values ( in a web context )
  • How it works ?
  •   I was looking for a library to retrieve information
      for the UserAgent for my web log analyzer ( JXLA )
      and I cannot find a good one.
    But I found a lot in other languages (php, perl ... ), after testing phpSniff, I found it very complete.
    I decided to port it into java (only the browser, os and version number retrieval functions )
    Actually, this version is not thread-safe, so take care.
  • Requirements ?
  •   nioTo.Browser use jakarta-oro library.
  • Demonstration
  •   You can see some results with different browsers in input here
    1st line is the UserAgent value
    2nd line is the browser name / operating system / major_version . minor_version
    3rd line is a line separation
  • Is it free ?
  •   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
      it under the terms of the Apache License as published by
      the Apache Foundation
    See license
    You can browse the CVS repository here, hosted on the jxla project repository.
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